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Make a smooth hole in the workpiece, and especially when several such pieces, is possible only with the help of the drilling machine. Of course, some may do the usual drill, but this tool has some limitations, so many owners are willing to buy a drilling machine for the home workshop. Buy this unit is, in principle, it is easy, in the sale represented a lot of models from different manufacturers.

To install in a home studio will suit not every mechanism. Usually, the workshop highlighted a relatively small space, and it will have to be taken into account when selecting devices. However, as a rule, in a home workshop no need for a large machine, but even among those that are small in size, it is necessary to choose. To do this properly, you need to know some of the characteristics of the machine.

Typically, drilling machine for home studio is acquired for use in the intermittent mode, but some hosts may require prolonged his work. In the first case it acquired domestic or semi-professional equipment, which requires a short break after a certain time (indicated in the passport) continuous drilling. Failure to comply with this requirement, the product can quite quickly break down, and at the right time not to achieve high performance.

If the drilling machine is purchased for a workshop with the aim of earning the household samples will not work, have to pay attention to the professional machines, which are significantly more expensive, but have a higher capacity. On these machines it is already possible to drill holes much larger diameter, and done it much faster.

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The list of tasks

The main object of the drill, of course, is the production of holes. However, each machine has its limitations. Let’s start with the drill diameter. On each machine there is a limit for this parameter. Drilling machine for home studio in most cases has to provide the use of a drill with a diameter of 16 mm, however, there are exceptions.

Quite often assumes the acquisition of machine for the manufacture of small holes (6 mm), for such work should choose a small machine. Such mechanisms are sufficiently inexpensive and, importantly, how often are presented to manufacturers of precision machines. By the way, these small machines have been successfully used for the manufacture of printed circuit boards.

How important are the ergonomics and usability

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Many elements can greatly simplify the work. For example, the presence of the switch speed. Simple machines that require shutdown and removal of the cover body, only then it will be possible to change the position of the belt drive. Some models are equipped with a knob, moving that change the spindle speed, and the best models even have a special electronic screen showing speed. These elements allow you to quickly and easily select the correct mode for use with a particular material.

Buying drill

Equipping some machines special light gun will greatly facilitate the stationing of parts, the accuracy of which is extremely dependent on the quality of drilling. In some units the laser device, when working with them enough detail to fix the intersection of two lines, projected on the table. Crosshair is located just below the drill, and the operator is immediately obvious where to put a point on the parts intended for drilling. Naturally, the presence of some of such devices increases the cost of the machine.

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Another factor influencing the choice, is the weight of the machine. Of course, the heavier the machine, the easier the operator to ensure drilling accuracy. However, often the studio area is limited, making it necessary to frequently move the machine. Enough high-quality desktop units that meet the essential requirements can be found with a weight not exceeding 20 kg.

Your work environment

As a rule, only the power supply 220 is provided in the home V. Accordingly, the drilling machine should be selected under the settings for the home workshop. If you have access to a three-phase network, this is a great advantage, in this case the machine does not lose the power of the engine. In addition, three-phase network allows simultaneous connection of multiple units, while the same connection to an ordinary house network almost always causes voltage dips.

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After considering the issues presented is already possible to more accurately represent the future machine. Will only choose from the appropriate models that will suit your design, and you can purchase equipment.

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